Leggo my eggo…

…cuz I wanna get preggo! Thought that may give you a chuckle.  Today’s post is all about ovulation. So on Tuesday, I figured it was CD 12 so I might as well start seeing what my OPK would tell and it was very much negative.  I wasn’t surprised.  Lately it has been going off around […]


Yesterday I blogged about how we’ve been exercising a lot and I told you all that I was doing a cross-training cardio combination of Spinning, Zumba and Running.  Zumba is by FAR my favorite and running is okay I guess if the weather is nice.  Spinning is what I call my “workout vegetables.”  As in, […]

Weight Lifting, Weightloss and Baby Weight

So, as I’ve mentioned before at length, DH is off Testim (9 weeks on Friday), and he has been working really hard to keep his testosterone up through lifestyle.  He’s been eating a diet rich in whole foods like antibiotic-free lean meats, dried fruits and nuts, lots of organic produce, and cage-free eggs.  Just in case […]