Happy Funtime Week

So, when Dear Hubby and I were planning our vacation a few months ago, we decided that after the year we’ve had, we just needed to go someplace and sit. And I wanted to go to the beach. And DH wanted to have lots of sex. Not on the beach though–that’s icky and probably illegal. […]

Proper Prayer

Sometimes, God gives me something that I completely don’t deserve.  These past few weeks, I have felt amazing, and wanting to actively seek God and I feel so refreshed.  Admittedly, this is partially because of our new diagnosis of having sperm (!).  But more important than that, and even before we got our new diagnosis, […]

Doctor’s Orders

Today, he said “when.” He said, “When you miss your period, take a test and then give us a call.” I should probably back up. We had a follow-up with our amazing Medicine Man today.  I guess Sweet Nurse told us the wrong count number–instead of 4.1 million, Medicine man told us there were 3 […]