No need for the beta…

As I said before, being regular can be a mixed blessing. I had my beta bloodwork this morning but don’t need to wait for those results to know. Seems my body is having some bloodwork if it’s own and the verdict is…not pregnant. Waiting for the call to see what the doctor advises us to […]

“…manna for you…”

Another snow day so another blog post! Weird random fact about Melanie.  When I fall asleep, especially if I am REALLY relaxed or really tired, I start making up nonsensical sentences in that netherworld between sleep and waking.  Usually, they are completely random and make me smile as my heavy lids close over the end […]

What’s four more?

It’s been 19 cycles since we began TTC. Today is 10 days past the IUI. I’ve cried every day (or at least teared up at something) since the procedure. Since 3 dpiui, I’ve had achy, bruised feeling breasts. Poor DH…I flinch every time he even hugs me. I’ve eaten an obscene amount of cheese-it’s, colby […]

So my mom…

Yesterday I talked at length about the amount of support that my dad is giving to DH and I, but today I want to talk about my mom. I love her a ton and when I was younger, she’d always tell me she was my #1 fan. She’s great, don’t get me wrong.  But she […]

Liebster Award

So, some people will consider the Liebster Award as a chain letter, but I see it more of a way for me to let you know a little bit more of myself other than that I am a lady who is a Christian but often sad because I do not have babies yet.  Although I […]