Matrimony Monday!! Week 1

Hello friends! I promised a big change today and I’m here to make good on that promise!  It is my great pleasure to announce this new feature of my blog, Matrimony Mondays. The name is stolen from the Monday nights DH and I would spend hashing out details of our wedding day and reception with […]

BIG Changes tomorrow!

One of the things I’m starting in order to help educate, equip and encourage women going through infertility is going to be called “Matrimony Mondays.”  I’m so, so, SO excited and I’ve got some great ideas all planned for tomorrow (and hopefully, many more weeks)! Stay tuned! Also, my cousin (who is also, weirdly my […]

Be our guest!

I’m guest posing today over at Amateur Nester! It was a fun treat to be able to connect with Lisa. If you haven’t read her blog, you should! Also, she has this amazing prayer calendar to follow that I’m LOVING going through day by day!

Baby Therapy

*This post does contain happy thoughts about babies. Not mine. I still don’t have any yet, but I just wanted to warn you in case you are having one of “those” days* Ahem. I’ve been doing some new therapy.  You know how when there is someone with a crippling fear and the therapist wants them […]