Why She Won’t be Named Charlotte

Though I’m on the other side of infertility myself, I know this battle is far from over. I may have mentioned it before, but my dear sister is also infertile. She has what is called Turner’s Syndrome Mosaic, which means that she has a genetic disorder that involves a mutation of her sex chromosomes. In […]

Heavy heart

My friend L is being induced this evening to deliver her stillborn baby at just around 20 weeks. Though her husband and two little girls grieve, I know this affects her the most. Father in heaven, I do not understand why this has happened to my friend and I am angry about it! But As […]

Sad day…

If you could say a prayer for my friends A and LG tonight (God will know which ones), I’d sure appreciate it. They went in to their 20 week scan this week and their baby has died unexpectedly. Please pray for L especially as she prepares mentally, emotionally and physically to deliver her stillborn baby. […]