I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. First, it is totally OK for you to not totally feel thankful today. I get it–we ALL do. Secondly, if you can, muster up ONE thing you can be thankful for–it might help you feel better, even if it is that for one day it is ok to […]

Prayer for you

Sisters, you’re on my heart tonight. The wee hours of the morning are the perfect times to reflect and there are going to be changes here soon. I want this to be a refuge for you, and an encouragement. Tonight, a beautiful prayer.

Little Miss is here!!

After 28 months of waiting for this little miracle, she is here!! I began labor in some unfavorable conditions which prevented me morn having a natural, drug free labor. Sunday morning, DH and I tried to get labor going by…well, you know…not expecting much and figuring we’d go to late church. Well, whaddya know–I started […]

Chick Fil A

If eating Chick Fil A for breakfast is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. Did you know they BUTTER their chicken biscuits? I didn’t till today and it was delicious! Apparently, from all the wiggling, Little Miss approves of this too. You may now resume your day.

Taking it all

The bad with the good–feeling slightly better after talking with my friend on the phone, even though I know I’ll miss her when she is gone. I’m also feeling better because I made shortbread thumbprint cookies. They were ALL MINE! I also met up with my neighbor two doors down for the first time. She’s […]

A time for everything

Ecclesiastes 3 says “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die…” Before you worry, Little Miss is sill very much alive (still in my belly…) I received news over the weekend that my “second mom” who has been fighting […]