The purpose of this blog is to educate, encourage, vent, and bond together with other couples who are experiencing the pain and suffering that comes with infertility.

Being that this blog is sensitive in nature, Dear Hubby and I request that if you happen to know us already or find out who we are in real life, that you would refrain using our given, legal names in comments, posts on your own blogs and other social media you happen to use.

Furthermore, we are not comfortable talking about our careers in great detail.  After all, it is an infertility blog, so it doesn’t really matter what the specifics of our professional lives are.  I’m a substitute teacher, he’s an engineer.  Let’s leave it at that.

We will also not disclose the names of our doctors, nurses, clinics, friends, family, etc.

You CAN however, leave comments which will be mediated by myself or Dear Hubby.  Because we are protecting your anonymity, we also ask that you not leave your name or relationship to us in the comments you may leave.


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