Not again.

So you all should know that I believe DH and I are healed from our infertility. We had a positive pregnancy test for our second baby in March 2nd.  Just two weeks later, we went in to our first ultrasound and they found, well, nothing. No heartbeat, no sac, just…empty.  Then Easter. It was a […]

More than you know

ISisters, there are people praying for you in your suffering. Probably more than you know.  I have tried to write this post several times before today to no avail, because each time I do, I am overcome with emotion and I cannot finish it. But today someone need to hear this. As Mary treasured the events […]

We ARE making a difference!

So on Facebook, I posted a plea not to use fake pregnancies as April Fool’s jokes. Three of my yoga buddies shared it. Now, I know I have about 300 friends, which is conservative but if my friends each have 300 friends that means nearly 1200 people saw that post.  Not to mention the friends […]

Still not fair?

I have a friend from college. She’s seriously Fertile Myrtle. She announced her first pregnancy when DH and began trying and has just announced her third pregnancy. Which means, in the amount of time my husband and I have tried, conceived and birthed just one child, she’s conceived three. I’m happy for her. I really […]

Now What?

*** My baby is mentioned and pictured, so if this is a trigger for you, be advised.  However, it isn’t till later and I’ll have some space before I show them so please feel free to read up until that point.**** So now what?  What do I do with this blog, now that I’m blogging […]