Infertility Timeline

July 2012: Dear Hubby and I return from our 1st anniversary trip to Europe, ready to start makin’ babies.  Begin eating right, charting BBT daily to track ovulation.

September 3, 2012:  Feeling a few pregnancy symptoms– earlier that week,I had nausea in the dairy aisle at the grocery store, fatigue, high BBT and hot flashes and late period (which is odd for me).   Very, VERY faint positive line on a pregnancy test, which both Dear Wife and Dear Hubby can both see (so we aren’t crazy).  Decide to wait a few more days and test again.

September 6, 2012:  HPT again.  This time, negative.

September 8, 2012:  (Suspected) chemical pregnancy.  Began bleeding and didn’t have my next cycle for 40 days after that.

September-November 2012: Wonky, long periods and could never quite get a strong LH surge on test ovulation kits and strips.  Cycles ranging from 35-40 days.  Starting to have suspicions that something isn’t right with one or both of us.

Dec 2012- March 2013: Normal periods resume and STRONG LH surge as well as ovulation pains return.   Finally decide to make an appointment with the Urologist after MUCH discussion (we had reason to believe that it was male factor due to a prescription and/or accident of DH)

April 2013: Urologist discovers through SA that the count is zero, referred to the RE and fertility clinic, RE (Medicine Man) tells Dear Hubby to get of Testim as soon as possible, orders routine bloodwork for the both of us and suggests that we come in for another SA in July, to see if numbers improve.

July 2013: Medicine Man orders another SA as well as blood work to test LH and FSH for Dear Hubby.  Total motile sperm is 3 million, 50% motility, 4% morphology.  LH and FSH are higher than the tests done in April, but still within the normal range.  Medicine Man also orders another SA in October to monitor progress, as he believes this is an upward trend.

October 2013: Day 3 blood work for Dear Wife come back normal, and vaginal ultrasound reveals “very nice” ovaries with lots of follicles.  HSG a few weeks later comes back with “Perfect uterus and tubes. You get an A+” (according to the technician).  Dear Husband had another SA which revealed 13 million, but low motility.

January 2014: IUI #1–an un-medicated cycle.  LH surge on CD 14 and the IUI on CD 15 with 22 million pre wash, 3 million post-wash.  BFN.

February 2014: IUI # 2, also another un-medicated cycle.  34 million pre wash, 8 million post wash.  BFP on February 26th, 2014!! Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!


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