Sperm Production Progression

If you are looking for some stats on how long it takes to “grow” sperm, look no further. I wanted to give you a progression of when we had our semen analyses done and what the results were.

A little background–my husband has one testicle due to an accident in high school. He was diagnosed with depression and low testosterone in 2007, before we met.

He was 27 years old and put in testosterone replacement therapy–he alternated between Androgel, Testim, and generics of both gels and assorted hormone patches.

He was 32 when we first began TTC in summer of 2012 and was on Testim.

In March 2013 he had his first SA as we were trying to determine the cause of our infertility.

March 2013: abstained 5? days and had 0, azoospermia. Repeated the test in 2 weeks with the same parameters and result.

July 2013: abstained 5 days. 4 million

October 2013: abstained 5 days, 13 million.

January 2014: abstained 2 days, 22 million (SA collected for our first IUI)

February 2014: abstained 3 days, 34 million (SA collected for our 2nd IUI)


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